Bring Out The Best in Your Horse

Groundwork - A horse's demeanor and athleticism are greatly improved through
quality groundwork.  Whether at liberty, in driving reins, or on the lunge line,
this is a key component of developing a connected relationship with your horse.

Arena Training - Each horse has a unique style of movement, yet they all benefit
from being ridden in a flowing frame.  They will learn to listen to your subtle
cues with a willing attitude and respond with a focused mind and rhythmic stride.

Trail and Beach Training - It is very rewarding to nurture a horse's developing
confidence as he learns to cross obstacles, explore new settings, contain his
eagerness, deal with surprises, and adjust his stride for varied terrain.
Cattle Work - Explore this opportunity to introduce your horse to cattle. You will
be amazed at how much horses enjoy it and how contagious it is to the rider!

Colt Starting - It is a privilege to interact with a young horse who is so
vulnerably "learning how to learn" from a human.  I enjoy the challenge of
designing engaging lessons to teach the young horse to behave sensibly, while
honoring their spirit and individuality.
CCC Horse Training
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